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BioplasticsOnline presents basic polymer science knowledge and insightful plastic related articles which are written by research scientists and industry experts.

  • Basic definitions of polymers, green polymers and polymer structures
  • Latest trends in plastics materials, technology, and applications
  • Bottom line: How plastics work?
  • Design of Experiments: what is experimental design, and how it can be effectively used for process optimizations and improving product quality

Latest industry articles and plastic trends are highlighted in bioplasticsonline.net website. Visit us periodically for the latest in breaking news and articles on plastics.

BioplasticsOnline offers  green polymer solutions and current trends in plastics and composite industry.

Green Polymers:

Sharing knowledge in green polymers, composites.

Design of Experiments:

DOEs which you really need for effective research to get clear statistically confirmed solutions with high confidence level!!!



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